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    What is circuit board cloning:
    PCB copy means cloning the circuit board, manufacturing prototypes, recognizing components, working out BOM list, derived schematic.
    Categorize the PCB copy:
    circuit board cloning
    circuit board with components cloning.
    Circuit board cloning capability:
    We have the international advanced scanning equipment, and professional PCB service engineering team. So we are are confidence of circuit board, and clone the circuit board which is same as original sample.
    Besides, if you want to make a updates, we can adjust according to your request.
    What you should provide us to copy the circuits board:
    PCB:: at least 1pcs of PCB prototype
    PCBA: at least 2pcs PCBA prototypes
    What we will provide after PCB board cloning:
    GERBER file,
    Bill of material
    Circuit board sample
    Q1. How much time it cost to copy PCB/PCBA?
    A1. It depends on the complexity of your circuits board.
    Q2. I have mass production after cloning, can you copy board for me free?
    A2. Yes, if you have high volume PCB or PCBA manufactured, we are willing to copy boards for you free.
    Q3. What is your payment methods?
    A3. We accept PayPal, Western Union and T/T in advance.
    Welcome to buy the bulk china quickturn pcb and pcba copy/clone, circuit board cloning service gerber files and bom and prototype manufacturing made in China with our factory or experience our customized service. We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers in China and we can assure you the excellent quality of our products.China pcb board design factory

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