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    Brief Introduction:
    Original from Netherlands from 2002, with over 80 plastic recycling projects currently in operation, G.E.T Recycling gives you a clear advice with a tailor made solution on the basis of your plastics and requirements.

    GET is one of your ideal partners in the field of recycling from beginning of negotiation to seeking for best solutions, and from machines manufacturing to after-sales service.

    High efficiency at high capacities, high quality standard recycling plant at Reasonable investment, GET recycling equipment and lines support operational excellence and economic performance for each customer.

    Focus on recycling technology, Concentrate on customer requirements, supply best recycling solutions and high quality recycling equipment.

    Ensure GET’s solution is always a profitable one, for the customer as well as the environment.
    Customer’s benefit
    Ø High efficiency at high capacities
    Ø Minimum labor
    Ø Minimum utility consumption
    Ø Modular system concept
    Ø Flexible feedstock selection
    Ø Demand the highest prices of the end product
    Ø Use a large percentage of recycled material in plastic products
    Ø High performance and characteristics of plastic product made of or containing recycled materialmechanical dryer cost

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